The SETPOINT® Solution

The SETPOINT® Solution is an advanced end-to-end system that provides industry-leading Condition Monitoring and machine protection for your critical reciprocating and rotating assets. SETPOINT® provides accurate, reliable, and insightful data, giving you the ability to make confident and impactful decisions faster than ever.

Now SETPOINT® works with our new BKV Collect and BKV Connect. These compact, robust mesh network wireless devices are fast to fit and make it easier to monitor your whole plant. So you can unleash performance like never before.

With more than 80 years of experience in machinery vibration, B&K Vibro has developed a solution that brings our team’s passion and dedication to life in an easy-to-use scalable solution to improve the overall operation of your facility.

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Add BKV Collect and BKV Connect to SETPOINT®

Cut the cord on Condition Monitoring. Unleash the performance of your machines with our new BKV Collect wireless mesh sensors and BKV Connect digital gateway for SETPOINT®. Our compact, innovative plug-and-play design makes these tools more cost-effective to combine and share data plant-wide. So you can detect and fix faults before they cause damage and embrace your digital future.

SETPOINT® For Your Industry

From on-shore to offshore, from thermal power to hydropower, and beyond, SETPOINT® is there. It’s a solution built to handle the precision needed for exacting vibration monitoring across multiple industries and sectors.

Oil & Gas Industry

Power Generation Industry

SETPOINT® For Your Machines

From machines that run continuously for years to machines that stop and start several times a day, it takes a variety of equipment to keep your operation moving.  SETPOINT® provides accurate and precise monitoring to keep your machines online and operating at optimal efficiency.

Axial & Centrifugal Compressors

Axial & Centrifugal Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

SETPOINT® For Reciprocating Compressors

 Gas Turbines

Gas turbine engine centrifugal type of sales gases compressor in pressurized enclosure there are inlet combustion chamber and exhaust in package.

Steam Turbines

SETPOINT® For Steam Turbines

A SETPOINT® Solution To Fit Your Needs

The SETPOINT® Solution is not a one-track system. SETPOINT® provide advanced machine protection and Condition Monitoring for your critical machines. It’s a scalable solution that can be pivotal as a part of a plant-wide solution to view and monitor data from all your machines, including auxiliary machines, all in one solution.

Condition Monitoring

Industrial technology concept. Communication network. INDUSTRY 4.0. Factory automation.

Machine Protection

Men industrial engineer wearing a white helmet while standing in a heavy industrial factory behind. The Maintenance looking of working at industrial machinery and check security system setup in fact

Plant-Wide Monitoring Solutions

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The SETPOINT® Solution Components

The SETPOINT® Solution incorporates carefully crafted components, each with unique and essential attributes combined into the powerful solution needed to monitor your machines exactly how you need to.

Condition Monitoring powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™






B&K Vibro Sensors

Additional Resources

The SETPOINT® Solution goes beyond its monitoring capabilities, and the SETPOINT® Solution includes the experience of our highly skilled teams. From service and support to educational webinars and instructional documents, B&K Vibro is with you for every step of your vibration monitoring journey.