Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring

Critical large-scale machines are the epicenter of plant production. Still, it takes a lot of smaller auxiliary an semi-critical machines to keep an operation running at maximum performance.

B&K Vibro’s plant-wide Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is specifically designed to monitor machinery vibration for semi-critical reciprocating and rotating machines to help you reach optimal productivity on a daily basis.

Advanced Vibration Monitoring for Every Machine


Our plant-wide CMS is powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ and brings industry-leading Condition Monitoring to auxiliary machines. You can view past and present data for every machine monitored by SETPOINT®, including auxiliary equipment, in one place, eliminating the need for multiple applications or systems. Combining the SETPOINT® Solution with our plant-wide CMS makes it easier than ever before to know exactly what’s happening with all your machines at any time.

Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring
Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring

A Future Built With Predictive Maintenance


Our plant-wide CMS, powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™, gives insights like never before. By utilizing historical and current data, you can begin to build a digital twin for your machines. With answers at the tip of your fingers, you can easily make insightful, data-driven decisions to determine how current conditions and future changes could impact a machine. This unique ability allows you to potentially prevent failures, extend the time between routine maintenance, and increase overall productivity.

Monitor What Matters Most


When it comes to auxiliary machines, we capture every piece of vibration data, but we know you only need to be alerted under certain situations. The plant-wide CMS uses unique descriptors to monitor a variety of information in an easy-to-read and customizable format. These unique descriptors allow your complete CMS to alert you to any potential faults early to avoid failures and can help avoid unnecessary or untimely repairs.

Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring
Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring

A Scalable CMS Where You Need It


Our plant-wide solution is simple to set up and easily integrates into your existing IT infrastructure. It’s a one-way system that won’t interfere with or expose your existing systems to any cybersecurity issues. It’s a scalable solution that can grow with your needs. As you grow and add more machines of almost any size, your solution is ready to monitor and help keep every machine healthy.

Condition Monitoring Made Easy

Condition Monitoring To Increase Plant Reliability & Process Optimization