SETPOINT® For Steam Turbines

Accurate and reliable monitoring of steam turbines is critical for the safety and well-being of your staff and facility. Providing a safe work environment is necessary and goes beyond the requirements to comply with regional mandates. One of our goals is to help keep your team and facility safe, and with 80 years of experience in machine monitoring, we know exactly what it takes to make this happen.

SETPOINT® is a complete machine protection or Condition Monitoring Solution for your steam turbines that measures crucial factors on your turbines, including case expansion, differential expansion, eccentricity, phase reference/speed, casing vibration, axial displacement, shaft and bearing vibration, and more, to ensure your turbines are safe and performing at maximum potential. 

Precise Vibration Monitoring When You Need It


SETPOINT® is an easy-to-use solution that gives you real-time data from various points to ensure you have all the information you need about your machine. From the high-pressure to low-pressure segments of your turbine, SETPOINT® can tell you precisely what is happening so you can feel confident that your machine is safe and operating at maximum efficiency between mandatory inspections. SETPOINT® also monitors key factors during start-up to ensure your machine comes back online safely after a mandatory shutdown. If SETPOINT® picks up any indication of an issue, an alarm will let you know quickly so you can review the data to make a confident and efficient decision.

SETPOINT® For Steam Turbines
SETPOINT® For Steam Turbines

Boost Success with Condition Monitoring


Choosing the SETPOINT® Solution powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ for Condition Monitoring gives you knowledge about your steam turbines like never before. You need your turbines to stay online and perform at a consistently high level for years at a time without needing to be shut down.

SETPOINT® allows you to view and interpret the data in your AVEVA™ PI System™ to understand any changes or trends in how your turbine is operating to catch and help prevent potential faults before they happen. SETPOINT® empowers you to maximize your operation and reduce monthly checks or inspections because you have a complete past and present view of your machine at the tip of your fingers. You’ll be able to see any indication of faults between shutdowns faster and adequately plan the next steps to avoid expensive unplanned downtime or catastrophic failure.

A Solution for Every Turbine, No Matter The Size


SETPOINT® for Condition Monitoring provides industry-leading monitoring to your largest and most critical steam turbines, but why stop there? It takes many smaller auxiliary machines to run your steam turbines, such as feed water pumps, condensation pumps, forced and induced draft fans, and more. An issue with one of these auxiliary machines could lead to a more significant issue with your turbine. With our plant-wide solutions, you can apply all the benefits and capabilities of your Condition Monitoring system to all your rotating equipment. Our plant-wide capabilities empower you to cut costly repairs, reduce downtime, and optimize performance in almost every area of your facility.

SETPOINT® For Steam Turbines

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