SETPOINT® For Gas Turbines

Gas turbines are pivotal to the success of many companies in the LNG industry and many sectors of Power Generation. These turbines are complex and designed to handle an immense workload but can be temperamental. For many, the answer to temperamental machines is redundancy and having additional turbines that can be put online if a primary turbine needs to shut down unexpectedly. Redundancy is a good safety measure to protect productivity, but wouldn’t it be better if you only needed spare machines for planned maintenance and didn’t have the added stress of an emergency disrupting your day at all?

We believe in exactly that! We have developed a solution to make your life and your team’s life less stressful with accurate, detailed, and reliable data. That’s why we developed the SETPOINT® solution to measure crucial vibration and performance data that provides you with a complete understanding of exactly what’s happening with your machines.

Precise Machine Protection With Every Rotation


The slightest changes in one area can impact gas turbines further down the line. Changes in gas pressure or gas type in a line can impact every turbine in your production. SETPOINT® is designed to gather data meticulously from the moment the machine is started and give you real-time insights into every turbine in your production. This real-time data is displayed how you need it to be so you can easily see the information you need to make decisions quickly and confidently before a machine is shut down. SETPOINT® also enables you to take data and store it as a .CMS file should you want to review it later, keep it as a reference, or send it to a trusted third party for review.

SETPOINT® For Gas Turbines
SETPOINT® For Gas Turbines

Turn Knowledge Into Savings With Condition Monitoring


Using the SETPOINT® solution powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ as the Condition Monitoring system for your gas turbines empowers you with a unique advantage. The SETPOINT® solution seamlessly integrates with your AVEVA™ PI System™, so you to view past data and compare it to real-time data in one location quickly. With this unique capability, you can identify trends and catch potential faults before they happen. The knowledge you gain with SETPOINT® for Condition Monitoring gives you the power to reduce costly downtime, minimize expensive repairs, reduce the need for constant redundancy, and make decisions that will optimize the productivity of your operation. The SETPOINT® solution is the cornerstone of a predictive maintenance strategy and can help you simplify even the most temperamental gas turbines.

Two Data Types, One Solution


SETPOINT® gives you the ability to conduct advanced vibration analysis on your gas turbines, including your sleeve or rolling element bearings, shaft vibration, radial vibration, and much more. But as crucial as vibration data is to monitoring these turbines, we know that performance data  is just as critical to ensuring your equipment is truly running optimally. The SETPOINT® solution can also measure important performance details, such as running temperature, and can even help you quickly identify power loss information regularly. With SETPOINT® powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™, all your vibration and performance data is stored in one system for you to easily access when you need it, eliminating the need for multiple monitoring systems.

SETPOINT® For Gas Turbines
Gas turbine engine centrifugal type of sales gases compressor in pressurized enclosure there are inlet combustion chamber and exhaust in package.

A Solution for Every Part Of Your Turbine


SETPOINT® is a complete solution and provides the same level of machine protection or Condition-Based Monitoring to the compressors on your gas turbines. The Compressor portion of a gas turbine is just as critical as the turbine itself, and an issue with the compressor is an issue for the whole turbine. SETPOINT® for Condition Monitoring will also allow you to view past vibration and performance data from your Pi-based environment for your compressors and turbines in one place. With SETPOINT® on your side, it’s easier than ever to keep all your machines performing to their highest potential.

Meticulous Performance Monitoring