SETPOINT® is a complete and holistic solution. As the hardware portion of the solution, the VC-8000 is field-proven, easy to configure, customizable, and designed to deliver continuous monitoring to your critical reciprocating and rotating machines.

The VC-8000 monitors every piece of vibration data to accurately and efficiently shut down a machine and set off an alarm before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Critical Data When You Need It


When it comes to your critical machines, nothing is more important than safety and data. We have pre-equipped the VC-8000 with a one-of-a-kind “flight recorder” that stores up to one year of machinery vibration data directly on the hardware without needing any other standalone server. It also includes a removable 32GB SD card that can store up to a month of vibration waveform data for immediate retrieval and easy sharing. The “flight recorder” helps you feel more comfortable knowing that you have what you need in the event of an IT or network issue and ensures you have some condition monitoring data that you can build on.


Customizable Power and Ability in a Small Space


The VC-8000 is customizable to include as little as 4 and as many as 56 channels to ensure you always have the right amount of space to monitor all the necessary points on your critical machines. Each unit can be set up with dual power supplies, so you can feel confident it’s always providing continuous monitoring for your equipment. The VC-8000 requires no more than 19 inches of rack space, depending on your needs, and brings a new level of personalization to vibration monitoring.

Less Spare Parts for More Monitoring


The VC-8000 uses only four modules to deliver industry-leading monitoring while cutting back on the need for spare parts. Every VC-8000 is customizable from 4 – 16 modules to meet your needs. With just one Universal Monitoring Module (UMM), Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM), System Access Module (SAM), and Rack Connection Module (RCM) you can begin monitoring your machines:

  • UMM– Provides measurements for proximity, velocity, acceleration, pressure, process variable, position, and discrete input signals with programmable outputs.
  • TMM – Provides temperature and process measurements for your machines that are configurable to fit your needs and for various signals and outputs.
  • SAM – Provides all the system communications. You only need one, but you can customize your VC-8000 with redundant SAMs for additional communications, turbine control, and other automation.
  • RCM – Accepts 24Vdc power from two external independent sources. The power supplies can be located outside the rack enclosure for flexibility in the power supply provider and to reduce the heat in the enclosure. To provide additional protection to the hardware.

Secure Access and Touchscreen Technology


The faceplate of the VC-8000 is lockable and secure to maintain API-670 compliance and can be customized to include a touchscreen display on the faceplate to ensure you get the information you need quickly. Even when locked, you can use the touchscreen display to view rack statuses and channel values quickly and efficiently.

Impactful Data Storage


VC-8000 gathers every piece of data from your machines and works continuously to ensure nothing is missed. However, you don’t always need to see every piece of data, and sometimes, having too much data is extremely hard to work with and interpret. That is why we designed VC-8000 to analyze all the data that come in against very carefully structured parameters. Any data that falls outside the given parameters are instantly stored in your database. Now when you review data, you are only looking at the information that is relevant to you and don’t have to sift through countless entries looking for one piece of information.

Certifications and Compliance


The VC-8000 maintains compliance and/or certifications with several global protocols so you can always be confident you have the best solution for all your needs:

  • API 670 Compliant
  • ISO 20816 Compliant
  • ATEX Certified
  • IEC Ex Certified
  • SIL 2 Certified

Compressor rubbing and looseness diagnosed from protection system flight recorder