SETPOINT® For Power Generation

In today’s world, producing reliable and consistent power is necessary for countless people. As the need for energy increases every day, the need to ensure that the power stations and operations producing and supplying that power are working optimally.

From renewable energy to thermal and even nuclear power, the SETPOINT® Solution provides reliable machine protection and advanced, industry-leading Condition Monitoring to ensure that your reciprocating and rotating equipment is always online and operating to maximum performance to supply the world with the power it needs.

SETPOINT® For Renewable Energy


Whether your operation uses geothermal energy, hydropower, or biomass to generate power, SETPOINT® provides comprehensive monitoring to ensure your turbines and generators are appropriately monitored. SETPOINT® also monitors reciprocating compressors for plants working with hydrogen energy.

With the SETPOINT® Solution, you can ensure that no matter what fuel source you are using, you’ll have the machinery vibration and performance data you need to eliminate unnecessary downtime, improve efficiency, and maximize the productivity of your machines.

SETPOINT® For Power Generation

SETPOINT® For Thermal Power


Whether your plant relies on coal, natural gas, or diesel fuel, it’s pivotal that your turbines and compressors run when needed and at peak performance. The SETPOINT® Solution provides early fault detection and the latest diagnostic capabilities to carefully monitor your most critical turbines and equipment and alert you to any necessary readings that fall outside the proper parameters.

SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring is powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ and allows you to view real-time and past data in one system to identify potential issues before they result in a fault. With the power of SETPOINT®, you can feel confident that all the fuel needed for your operation is utilized to produce the maximum amount of power possible and that if there is any issue, you’ll be able to resolve it quickly without a significant interruption to your facility.

SETPOINT® For Nuclear Power


If your facility utilizes nuclear power to generate energy, it’s critical that you have all the information you need on every aspect of how your machines are operating. The necessary components that make up the SETPOINT® Solution are certified for use in hazardous areas, including nuclear facilities. SETPOINT® empowers you with the most advanced machine protection or Condition Monitoring solution for vibration monitoring possible. With SETPOINT® on your side, you can feel confident that you have a solution designed to withstand harsh environments and provide the critical data you need to keep your operations running at optimal productivity.

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