Setpoint® for Condition Monitoring is all the benefits of Setpoint® Machine Protection PLUS provides industry-leading predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure your machines run optimally for as long as possible. 

Setpoint® is the only Condition Monitoring solution that works with the data in the AVEVA™ PI System™ allows anyone to quickly review past and current data to get an accurate interpretation of machine health.

The New Frontier of Vibration Analysis


Setpoint® for Condition Monitoring goes above and beyond Machine Protection to provide detailed analytics about what is happening with your machinery assets. Setpoint® is powered by your AVEVA™ PI System™, so you can quickly look at historical online and offline machinery vibration data alongside current data to find, diagnose, and repair the root cause of faults before they happen.

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Less Stress, More Productivity


Put the days of emergency shutdowns and repairs behind you. The Setpoint® solution is your newest team member that can help predict the future! The power of early detection means:

  • Less unplanned machine downtime
  • Less spare parts you need in inventory
  • Overall safer working conditions
  • Increased plantwide productivity and profitability
  • More time to schedule and plan necessary repairs
  • Less stress about machines and more time to focus on more critical tasks.

Safety, Reliability, Piece Of Mind


Condition Monitoring is the ability to guarantee the safety of your plant with automatic shutdown capabilities but being confident you won’t need it because you have a machine health monitoring system with real insights about the actual performance of your machines at the tip of your fingers.

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Early Fault Detection of Unique Pump Bearing Faults at a Major U.S. Refinery

Early Fault Detection of Unique Pump Bearing Faults at a Major U.S. Refinery

Cash In On Condition Monitoring