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Machine Protection is mandatory for critical assets to ensure the safety of team members, machines, the plant, and beyond. But not all solutions are built the same. Thankfully, you can choose the very best. 

Setpoint® for machine protection is the state-of-the-art culmination of decades of experience and thousands of hours working in vibration monitoring for critical assets in various industries.

Accurate and Reliable Protocols


The Setpoint® solution for machine protection easily integrates with your existing infrastructure to minimize interruption upon initial setup. Once Setpoint® is operating, it tracks the health of your critical assets, delivering sensitive and accurate alarms when it notices any issues and quickly shuts down machines before a catastrophic failure.

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Machine Reliability at a New Level


When it comes to your machine, reliability and accuracy are absolute necessities, so we designed the Setpoint® solution for machine protection with a redundant power supply, so you know it’s working no matter what the situation. We have also ensured that Setpoint® can be fully accessed remotely so you can ensure your machines are operating correctly from anywhere in the world!

Easily Upgradable for Advance Condition Monitoring


Accessing historical data to interpret why faults and failures occur is the ultimate way to diagnose the root cause of an issue and make long-lasting repairs. The Setpoint® solution is equipped with a unique embedded “flight recorder” system that automatically stores data for one year, even without a Condition Monitoring system in place. Setpoint® for machine protection can be easily upgraded to Setpoint® for Condition Monitoring at any time.

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Compliant for Use In Many Environments


Our mission is to deliver high-quality solutions beyond the basic requirements to monitor your critical assets in almost any situation reliably. We ensure our solution maintains compliance and/or certifications with several global protocols so you can always be confident you have the best solution for all your needs:

  • API 670 Compliant
  • ISO 20816 Compliant
  • ATEX Certified
  • IEC Ex Certified
  • SIL 2 Certified

Compressor rubbing and looseness diagnosed from protection system flight recorder