The world relies on Oil & Gas production for many everyday necessities, making it imperative that your machinery assets stay online and perform optimally to meet customer demands. Keeping machines running is crucial, whether it’s production, distribution, refining, or LNG. With decades of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, we understand what you need and have the solution.

The SETPOINT® solution is designed to help prevent machine failures for rotating and reciprocating machines in the upstream, midstream, or downstream Oil & Gas segments through advanced vibration monitoring.

SETPOINT® For Upstream Oil & Gas

SETPOINT® is the solution to ensure you’re as productive as possible, your machines are healthy, and everyone on site is safe. Using advanced vibration monitoring techniques, SETPOINT® easily and quickly detects developing machine faults, so you never miss an event. SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ takes never-missing-an-event to another level. Our unique solution empowers you to easily view past data from your existing AVEVA™ PI System™ along with real-time data to analyze and predict potential faults before they happen. It’s advanced predictive maintenance for all your machinery assets in an easy-to-use, always-ready solution.

SETPOINT® For Midstream Oil & Gas


SETPOINT® allows you to view all assets at every compressor station and your machines in one location, making it easy to remotely check on every machine from anywhere. SETPOINT® provides early fault detection and advanced diagnostic capabilities to give you more accurate insights into your machine’s health. You’ll feel confident that SETPOINT® is always watching your critical assets to provide you with all the data you need when you need it most.

SETPOINT® For Downstream Oil & Gas

SETPOINT® is a fully adaptable solution that can monitor pumps, compressors, fans, and prime movers even in the extreme temperatures necessary for refining oil or liquifying natural gases. SETPOINT® easily registers every rotation of your equipment through every stage of the process, ensuring that you get your final product while reducing machine downtime, and delays due to an unexpected fault.

20% of UK’s offshore gas consumption will soon be monitored by the B&K Vibro VC-8000 Setpoint system

Monitoring Strategy – Nigeria LNG

Monitoring Strategy – Nigeria LNG