On its own, SETPOINT® is a powerful industry-leading software that shows machinery vibration data in various formats. When combined with the power of the AVEVA™ PI System™, SETPOINT® becomes an unparalleled system.

SETPOINT® is the only Condition Monitoring solution that can integrate with the AVEVA™ PI System™ and gives you exclusive abilities to elevate your analytic capabilities to levels others can’t reach.

An Industry Leading Combination

The AVEVA™ PI System™ is the market-leading data management platform you already know, use, and trust. Right now, it’s helping manufacturers around the world digitalize and bring data into one system. It’s the perfect foundation for and powers the SETPOINT® solution to provide unique, world-class, Condition Monitoring.

The SETPOINT® solution acts as a gateway to stream vibration data directly into an AVEVA™ PI Server. SETPOINT® empowers you to easily view all your historical data alongside real-time data in customizable views to gain real insight into machine health and become the cornerstone of your predictive maintenance strategy.


Revolutionized Condition Monitoring


SETPOINT®, powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™, keeps your data in one place eliminating unnecessary infrastructure and costs. You can easily view historical and current data on the same screen faster and more efficiently than ever before. Since SETPOINT® puts data directly into the AVEVA™ PI System™ and works with the robust security PI already has in place, you can view data remotely without any security risks. 

One System, One Answer

Using SETPOINT® for Condition Monitoring, you can easily correlate data and access additional applications within your AVEVA™ PI-based environment. Seamlessly accessing all your data in one place ensures you have one accurate version of the truth and makes vibration analysis faster and easier.

The ability to view data in one place provides a solution that enables automatic identification and flagging of abnormal conditions so you can be more efficient in determining the root cause of issues and solve them faster and more efficiently instead of wasting time pouring through data from multiple systems.