We understand that your needs and your machine’s needs may change quickly. You may service machines at multiple sites or only need a Condition Monitoring solution for a limited time for select machines. In a world of changes, the SETPOINT® solution can change to meet your needs and still provide consistent, accurate vibration monitoring for critical machines.

The VIBROPORT-8000 (VP-8000) provides you with the advanced Condition Monitoring you need for short-term or temporary monitoring.

Vibration Monitoring On The Go


VP-8000 is the ideal solution for the reliability engineer or consultant who works between multiple sites and needs to find the root cause of a fault or failure of a machine that doesn’t have a dedicated Condition Monitoring system in place.

The VP-8000 easily connects to critical reciprocating and rotating machines and immediately begins gathering vibration data. The data is easily viewable on a laptop and will continuously monitor the machine for as long as you need it to. Once you have found the root cause and resolved the issue, your portable solution can simply be disconnected and is ready to go with you wherever you may be headed next.

Advanced Monitoring When You Need It


In some cases, you may have reciprocating or rotating equipment that has not been fully connected to your vibration monitoring system. In other cases, you may not need consistent condition-based monitoring for all your equipment. No matter the situation, if a machine fault occurs, you need to be prepared.

VP-8000 allows you to monitor machinery vibration when you need it most. If you’re starting a new machine for the first time or only need to monitor specific equipment for a limited time, our solution allows full condition monitoring only when you need it. Should you choose to implement a Condition Monitoring solution as full-time portion of your infrastructure, the VP-8000 can be implemented and built on as part of the a complete SETPOINT® solution.

Take the benefits of the SETPOINT® solution with you


The VP-8000 allows you to bring all the benefits of the SETPOINT® solution with you. This portable component of our solution has the same ability to connect with your existing AVEVA™ Pi System™ so you can review past data along with present data to find and resolve issues with your machines quickly. Learn more about how the SETPOINT® solution for Condition Monitoring can help boost productivity and prevent unwanted downtime.

Diagnostic service with the VIBROPORT 8000 in a combined cycle plant