SETPOINT® For Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors are complex machines that require precise and careful monitoring to be sure they are running at optimal performance. These intricate machines can become costly and dangerous if an issue occurs, and it makes having a reliable monitoring system even more important.

The SETPOINT® Solution is designed with advanced capabilities to ensure that your reciprocating compressors are running safely and meeting the level of productivity you need. SETPOINT® monitors everything from case vibration, bearing looseness, piston vibration, crank vibration, and crank angle to pressure fluctuations, outlet temperatures, potential leaks, and much more. SETPOINT® is the solution you need to confidently know that you are getting the most from your reciprocating equipment.

Complete Vibration Monitoring With Every Motion


You need your reciprocating compressors to run efficiently and safely. The SETPOINT® Solution monitors key points for changes in machinery vibration and gives you the ability to know exactly what is happening with all parts of your compressor. You can easily determine the health of the specific components inside your machine without having to stop production. SETPOINT® gives you the insights you need to prevent gas leaks and efficiency issues caused by wear on the piston rings, bearings, bushings, bushing pin, and other factors that could impact the crank angle. You can even see the vibration changes caused by your inlet valves not opening or closing properly. With SETPOINT®, you will know more about your machines than ever before and make confident decisions faster.

SETPOINT® For Reciprocating Compressors
Powered By AVEVA

One System, One Truth, All The Answers


The SETPOINT® solution powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ is your industry-leading Condition Monitoring superpower. SETPOINT® powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ gives you the ability to compare real-time data with historical data to identify trends in your reciprocating compressors. With all your data in one place, you can determine how even subtle changes will impact your compressor over time.

This look into the future can help you eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce the number of costly repairs, increase the amount of time between routine maintenance, and help increase the productivity of your machine. SETPOINT® gives you all the information you need in one system, so you don’t have to have multiple systems in place. The SETPOINT® Solution provides one true version of your machine’s health to ensure your operation is as productive as possible.

Unrivaled Monitoring For Your Reciprocating Compressors


The SETPOINT® Solution utilizes specialized vibration segments with individualized alarm limits, allowing you to detect potential issues even earlier and more reliably. False trips are avoided through a robust voting scheme by correlating high vibration and impacts with events distributed across the rotation of the crank, thus avoiding tripping on spurious signals. This voting scheme is also an integral part of the solution’s ability to prevent secondary failures that tend to cause expensive repairs and costly extended downtime. SETPOINT® is scalable and adaptable to monitor all your reciprocating compressors, from small to mission-critical, and even offers SIL 2 compliance for your reciprocating compressors requiring a higher safety level.

Reciprocating compressors tend to have higher maintenance costs than centrifugal compressors, making it even more important to protect your machines with a comprehensive monitoring strategy. With the SETPOINT® Solution, you can maximize productivity, reduce costly maintenance, and keep your reciprocating compressors running at optimal performance.

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