Lifecycle Solution Services

Lifecycle and Solution Services: With more than 80 years in vibration monitoring, B&K Vibro couples state-of-the-art software, meticulously crafted equipment, and dedicated expertise from our support and service teams to deliver industry-leading machine protection and Condition Monitoring Solutions that enable our customers to move ahead and advance their operation to a whole new level.

As the need for predictive maintenance and digitalization strategies continues to grow for almost every industry, we continue to provide innovative solutions that increase uptime and productivity while cutting costs that prepare you for the future.

Comprehensive Options For What You Need

Wherever you are in your Condition Monitoring journey, we want to empower you with the latest technology for accurate, detailed, and accessible insights into the health of your machines.

Working hand in hand with the dedicated experts on our service and supports teams, we will design a support plan that fits your specific needs.


Lifecycle Solution Services
Lifecycle Solution Services

Stay Ahead of Your Goals With Unapparelled Support And Service

Regardless of where you are with the lifecycle of your existing solution, we provide service and support to keep you moving ahead of where you need to be.

Our experts are here to deliver enhanced service and support for the entire lifecycle of your existing solution. Service and support plans are tailor-made to include repair services, technical support, and additional hardware to ensure you have all the necessary elements to keep rotating equipment online and operational.

All service and support plans provide exclusive access to additional benefits including our migration program for you to utilize when you’re ready for a new system.

Upgrade and Advance to a new level of Condition Based Monitoring

When you upgrade your solution, you’re doing more than replacing an existing solution. You will be equipped with the unique and innovative SETPOINT® Solution that will empower you to advance your operation like never before.

You will work with our service and support experts to customize the SETPOINT® solution to monitor your reciprocating and rotating equipment while allowing you to eliminate unnecessary costs, optimize productivity, and develop a safer working environment. When the time comes to implement your new solution, we will work with you to strategically plan the installation to fit your timescale to ensure a proper transition with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. After your new solution is fully integrated, our service and support teams will be there to provide any additional information or required assistance.


Pave The Way With The SETPOINT® Solution

The SETPOINT® Solution is powered by the AVEVA™ PI System™ and is the only Condition Monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing AVEVA™ PI System™ to deliver robust machine condition monitoring. This unique integration allows you to quickly access historical data from within your AVEVA™ PI-based environment to conduct both simple and advanced vibration analysis quickly and effectively. You can confidently and accurately determine the root cause of an issue faster by comparing historical data to real-time data all in one system. As more data is stored in your AVEVA™ PI-based environment, you will be able to identify potential faults and anticipate failures eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing maintenance costs. With all your data stored in one location, you remove the need for additional IT infrastructure.

Take Control Of Your Operation

The SETPOINT® Solution is packed with customizable technology designed to empower you with the vibration data you need. This includes a unique and patented I-Factor that allows you to set specific parameters to save only the crucial vibration readings for further analysis. The I-Factor allows you to see only the data you need without wasting time sorting through dozens of other readings. No matter the requirements, every SETPOINT® solution is engineered to guarantee near-lossless data to ensure you have everything you need when you need it the most. All this and much more are integrated into the powerful hardware behind the SETPOINT® solution. It requires fewer modules and less rack space than other solutions while being equipped with redundant power supplies to ensure continuous, accurate, and reliable monitoring.